The only raw material trading warehouse with
integrated quality system and sophisticated
Application Labs in Indonesia


Conceptualy designed by NNE Pharmaplan to
meet the standard GDP, WHO TRS 957 annex 5
Refers to PIC/s Standard and GMP Comply


Managed by


Customized logistics and industry solution.
Provide comprehensive logistics services, including handling and transporting
products in compliance with safety regulations.
Oracle System and Manhattan Warehouse Management System.
Racking system capacity 2400 pallets, 8 level racking, 12 sqm, Air Handling Unit
(Equiped with 3 units of AHU & 2 units of chiller)
Application of Advance Technology (Laminar Air Flow in booth sampling)
Temperature-controlled warehouse:
> 2°-8° C
> 20°-25° C
> 26°-30° C


Material safety and quality ensured by
a detail inspection of the documents
and physical condition.
Starting from material release or rejection,
quarantine, up to the delivery methods.