In order to give the latest information, cosmetic division of PT Menjangan Sakti together with DSM Nutritional and Schulke Mayr held “Harmony of The Essentials: Behind the Scene of Naturally Beauty” seminar on last October 17th 2017. Placed at Omega Ballroom, Mensa Encore, Pulo Gadung, this seminar was attended by 50 participants from 30 customer companies. It was opened by Mr. Rudi Rusli as a deputy managing director of PT Menjangan Sakti.

As the important composition on personal care product, the newest information about vitamin and preservatives is needed. Therefore, the experts from DSM Nutritional and Sculke Mayr, Ms. Freida David (Regional Marketing Manager DSM Nutritional and Mr. Mark Zhang (Business Development Manager – Schulke & Mayer) was presented as speakers. Besides vitamins, the trends of using preservatives on Asia Pacific region also become one of material that they shared. Through the seminar, Menjangan Sakti wishes that this event can bring some added values and strengthen the cooperation between Mensa-Principal-Customer.